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The Griffin Secure Transport team is hand-picked from a background of law enforcement, military, and private security. While tactical training is required, we screen for the right character. Integrity, maturity, and experience are what we look for. Neither Griffin Secure Transport or our clients benefit from conflict; therefore, we believe the best conflict is the one that is avoided. Through training, experience, and professionalism, Griffin Secure Transport guarantees that business will run smooth and reliably. Learn more about the Griffin Secure Transport Leadership Below.

Dan Griffin

As a lifelong resident of Michigan, Dan completed both his Bachelors Degree and Law Degree at Michigan Statue University. After graduation Dan chose to leave a promising career in construction management to join the Marine Corps. As the wars were drawing to an end, Dan exited the Marine Corps after achieving the rank of Captain and returned to Michigan. The shift from managing military operations to managing secure transportation operations was a natural progression. His military training and experience brings the necessary small arms tactics, convoy security, and defensive mindset required to run a smooth, safe operation. Dan’s combination of legal prowess, military experience and business expertise imbue the institutional knowledge required to provide reliable, safe services to our customers. Dan’s rounded approach and diverse background allow him to pilot Griffin Secure Transport and its customers through our new and changing industry.


Gene Simon
Chief Operations Officer

Eugene Simon grew up in southeastern Michigan and later graduated from Michigan State University with a B.S. in Materials Sciences Engineering. After graduating from Michigan State, Gene began working in project management for an environmental engineering company. With projects focused in the oil, gas, and power generation sectors, Gene managed both domestic and international projects as well as staff for numerous multi-million dollar projects. He has successfully completed projects in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, and the United States. He quickly rose to the role of Director of International Business and continued to expand the company’s marketing presence across the Middle East while securing strategic partnerships in Chile, India and China. In September of 2017 he began co-founding Griffin Secure Transport.

Paul Tylenda
Chief Compliance Officer

Paul has been a prominent attorney in the Michigan Medical Marijuana industry since the program began in 2009. As a trial attorney,he has represented individuals involved in historic cases that shaped the current interpretations of the Michigan Medical Marijuana Laws. As a founding member of Griffin Secure Transport, Paul Tylenda provides his experience as the Chief Compliance Officer and Chief Marketing Officer.

Rupert Pupkin
Chief Financial Officer

Rupert grew up in western Michigan, where he currently resides after earning his Master’s Degree from Grand Valley State University. A serial entrepreneur with extensive Logistics experience and knowledge, Rupert’s specialties include start-ups, acquisitions, mergers, growth-oriented strategic planning and execution. Rupert has spent numerous years as the Vice President of Logistics for a national transportation powerhouse, and has facilitate growth in every entrepreneurial and company-based commitment he has made. Guided by an unwavering belief in the power of dynamic relationships rooted in collaborative, mutually-beneficial collaboration, Rupert provides the trade-specific leadership for Griffin Secure Transport. As an added benefit to the partnership, Rupert’s western Michigan location has provided Griffin Secure Transport with a leadership group that is state-wide, translating into a service offering that covers the entire State of Michigan.

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