Multiple Secure Transport Services

Griffin Secure Transport offers multiple service options to best suit our customers needs. Select from a number of standard containers to easily calculate weekly shipping’s costs. If pre-sized containers don’t fit your needs, contact us for a competitive custom solution. Have peace of mind knowing your assets are being handled in a safe, secure and discreet manner to guarantee your business process flows smooth. Griffin Secure Transport offers competitive rates with a focus on developing long lasting personal relationships with our customers. The industry is developing at a incredible pace, at GST we look forward to growing together and adapting to your needs both today and tomorrow.

Standard Delivery
We offer fast, discrete, secure transport. Standard delivery using pre-sized packaging makes it simple to manage your delivery needs. Your package will arrive in a timely manner and you can rest easy knowing your product is safely on the way to its destination in the hands of our trustworthy transporters.
Short Notice Delivery
We offer short notice secure transport services for those who need immediate attention. When time is of the essence, we’re the partner you want on your team. Get your packages where they need to be with short notice delivery from Griffin Secure Transport.
Live Plant Transportation
Transferring your plants can be tricky so you should be prepared. With the constantly changing legislation in this industry, its important keep up on the latest rules and regulations. If not done correctly the damage can be significant to the quality of your product. Let us efficiently and securely transport your plants for you in a safe, climate-controlled environment to ensure your plants arrive at their destination in the same condition as pick up.Don’t risk it. Call Griffin Secure Transport.
Trim Delivery
At Griffin Secure Transport we handle your unprocessed product to and from a processing facility of your choice. Transport your marihuana trimmings quickly, securely, and professionally fast, discrete, secure today.
Cash Pickup & Delivery
Not only do we offer secure transport for your product, but also handle cash transportation including COD needs. Our experience in asset protection translates to valuable security for you. Let us save you time while reducing your personal risk today.
Vaulting Services with 24/7 Access
Need secure storage with the capability to access your funds at anytime? We offer vaulting services with 24/7 access for your convenience. Griffin Secure Transport has state of the art detection technology, physical protection, and employs highly trained security specialists to protect your money. Rest assured, your money is safe in our hands.
GST Marketplace

A user-friendly portal to help you do business. The GST Network Marketplace is a place where our clients and dispensaries can connect to share/view stock availability to suit their current needs.

*No purchases or sales take place in the marketplace.
24/7 Package Tracking
Log in to our secure portal and track your package from pickup to delivery.
Video Surveillance
Seeing is believing. Confirm that your package is being handled properly by watching yourself.
Climate Controlled Environment
Plants and packages arrive in the same condition they departed with our climate controlled vehicles.
Discrete and Secure Vehicles
Our vehicles are designed to be as inconspicuous and secure as possible. No flashy logos or branding.
Trustworthy Drivers
Background-checked and prescreened by GFS for your peace of mind.
MMFLA Compliance
Not only are we secure and discreet, we’re also 100% MMFLA compliant per Michigan’s guidelines.
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